Archive | June, 2008

Episode 19 – Viv are a College Graduate

29 Jun

Viv is baking cheesecakes like a mad woman and we’re running around the house prepping stuff for a family party.. Yep, just another day in the blender 🙂 This episode we discuss: Viv receives first college degree!! M’s bday Crazy storms Cheesecake domination Viv got a tattoo! M school performance LT graduated from elementary school […]

Episode 18 – Balticon 42

8 Jun

This is our wrap-up of the magical weekend that was Balticon 42. In the episode we mention meeting and interacting with the following awesome people, in quasi alphabetical order. No offense if I left somebody off of the list- please let me know so I can fix it! Brand Gamblin and Allie and Elf Princess […]