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Episode 29 – Feedbacks

28 Mar

We decided to make this one a feedback episode since we haven’t addressed any in… um… well, I’d rather not say how long 🙂 As a special bonus, our son LT pipes in here and there! This episode we mention: Geek Survival Guide Letter from Martha Stewart Daddy Digest Nobilis Erotica A Song of Ice […]

Episode 23 – Discussion of Discipline

21 Sep

Long awaited, after our BlenderCon round up is the rest of what’s been happening over the past few weeks. This time around we talk about: LT is HOME! M and LTs dad over for dinner. Virgin Music Festival – LT, M and GK Biscuit and Kath visit! Party at Brand and Allie‘s City of Heroes […]

Episode 16 – Overdue RavenCon Report

20 May

Long overdue cast. We recorded this a few weeks ago so the info is definitely dated. We have since recorded another show summarizing our experience at the Race for the Cure and will try to have that up in the next few days… then next week will be our report from BaltiCon! In this episode […]

Episode 15 – Plagueus Interuptus

22 Apr

The plague descended upon our household, but we’ve weathered the worst of it and are slowly pullings things back together. In this episode we discuss: Health update – plague outbreak and (continued) E.R. adventures Comments from; Chris Lester Tabs from Buffy Between the Lines Voicemail from Doug at Geek Acres T-shirts we love; Geeklabel Thinkgeek […]