Archive | May, 2009

Episode 33 – Live from Balticon

30 May

We are proud to bring you our first live show! This was recorded over Memorial day weekend at Balticon 43. A special thanks to everybody who came out and participated. You truly made this a special event for us!

Episode 32 – Finale’s, New Shows, and Kaylee Making Noise

18 May

A continuation of last week’s conversation, we discuss: An uneventful Saint Patrick’s Day Chooch sees a high school friend Viv gets some herb  s …. herbs! Biscuit and Kath come for another visit BSG Finale Castle Salon de Blender Captial Alehouse Viv’s Dad and her standing up for herself LT strings concert and a slight […]

Balticon43 Techno

4 May

I wrote this song to highlight Balticon 43, our New Media Party as well as some great podcast and web comic creators. Enjoy! Oh and feel free to include it in your own show if you’re a podcaster 🙂

Ep. 31 has been corrected

3 May

Thanks to Paulette Jaxton (Form Letter Rejection Theater) and Doug Rapson (Geek Acres) for quickly pointing out that there was a problem with episode 31. I’ve corrected and uploaded the file, but I’m not sure how long that will take to purculate through the Internets. You can download the corrected version directly with this link. […]

Episode 31 – Birthdays, Blizzards and Buyin’ Cars

3 May

Still on our catch-up but we’re almost there! Silly time keeps marching on. In this episode we discuss: Kaylee chewing but a good girl Blizzard Viv starting her new job Slight kid grade droop Chooch sees the President Watchmen in IMAX Brief visit with Paulette Jaxton Out to dinner for a friend’s bday party Chooch’s […]