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Episode 50 – Happy Podcastiversary

24 Oct

Monday is the third anniversary of our podcast! So, this episode we’ll call a “State of the Blender Address” J- Just turned 11. Doing great in school and still taking guitar lessons LT – 13, enjoying chorus, has lots of new friends, and is doing well Naughty Bear – settled into new place and happy […]

Episode 46 – California Dreamin

8 Aug

Heeeeeeeellllo Internets! Feels good to be back in The Burrow to bring another episode of ITB. In this episode we discuss: Chooch is a lumberjack and he’s ok Should we have an unliving trust? Balticon 44 Viv’s Lengthy Balticon Blog Posts Thurs/Fri, Sat, Sun/Mon with photo slideshows DragonCon is coming LT was home for summer […]

P.G. Holyfield

9 May

We are happy to bring you an interview with the talented P.G. Holyfield. P.G. has a book launching soon and we had a chance to talk about it with him along with his writing process, gaming, and lots of other odds & ends. We love talking to P.G. so much that this went a bit […]

Episode 24 – Long Time No See

18 Nov

Or, uh, hear 🙂 Warning: Since there is so much to catch up on, this is a loooooooooong episode! In this episode we discuss: Viv’s B-DAY J’S B-DAY Viv’s running and progress on other goals Viv’s new job MA and Dan’s wedding Lots of teen driving Chooch’s business trip to Washington and Canada Christmas in […]

Special Episode 1 – Mur Lafferty Interview

11 Aug

This interview was posted on our other show – The City of Heroes Podcast, but we wanted to share it with listeners here that aren’t CoH Players. Sorry if you listen to both and this is a duplicate! In this special episode we interview Mur Lafferty – author of the new novel from Swarm Press […]