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Episode 48 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

12 Sep

Happy Labor Day Weekend (well, in the US anyway). In this episode we discuss: Kaylee the podcast dog A weekend of trying new things Geocaching GeoBeagle AFI Top 100 Swing Time Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Doing work for Patrick McLean DragonCant Patrick’s reading of Unkillable Chooch has been writing Chooch’s band played a party Saturday night Rummy Bears We […]

Episode 24 – Long Time No See

18 Nov

Or, uh, hear 🙂 Warning: Since there is so much to catch up on, this is a loooooooooong episode! In this episode we discuss: Viv’s B-DAY J’S B-DAY Viv’s running and progress on other goals Viv’s new job MA and Dan’s wedding Lots of teen driving Chooch’s business trip to Washington and Canada Christmas in […]

Episode 14 – Catching Up

8 Apr

After an unexpected hiatus, we’re back and getting caught up. No main topic this week, just what we’ve been up to… Oh, and something new for us – a song! This episode we discuss: The teens relationship of doctors and emergency rooms Much (more) home improvement (some a surprise to us) Metamor City DFH Meetup […]

Episode 13 – Starting the Blender again

10 Mar

Another episode that’s a little late, but this time we have an excuse! Well, we usually have an excuse, but we’ve got a real excuse 🙂 This week we discuss: Continued work in the basement We’ve moved the studio Still losing weight 🙂 The new Nine Inch Nail Album Tween gets a good school report […]

Episode 12 – The C Word

21 Feb

This week we discuss Chooch’s brother’s terminal cancer and his decisions regarding treatment. We also talk about his nephew who is heading into the National dirtbike/mx competitions and touring the country. Topics include: Exercise checkups Marathon training National Race for the Cure Cool Running Couch to 5k Podcast Chooch was sick last week M took […]

Episode 10 – Health Stuffs

28 Jan

This week we focus on diet, exercise and our own challenges with each. Family health history Health screenings Diets Selenium Viactive Green tea extract Promo: Mur / JC Hutchins / Podiobooks.com