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Episode 47 – BlenderCon 2010

28 Aug

Summery comes to a close, well at least as far as school and such are concerned. Con Season is also winding down and we continue the third year of our “BlenderCon” tradition. Things we mention include: Unlikely Disasters to Plan For PG Holyfield Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Brutal Legend Kids in Mind movie reviews […]

Episode 43 – Long Distance Parenting

4 Apr

Welcome to April. Spring has sprung and the pollen monsters are attacking our sinuses, but hey- there’s no more snow! This time we talk about: Somehow we discuss Wendy Williams Slim Jim addiction Our friend Nobilis raises the question about disciplining a child when they’ve had a bad day Kids getting MMO accounts hacked Long […]

Episode 40 – Resolved

30 Jan

Catching up as we always seem to be.. We bring you our New Years resolutions and talk about other stuff going on with us. In this episode we discuss: A forgotten thought on NaNoWriMo Thanks to Dee and Nobilis Voicemail from Ryan at Daddy Digest Chooch kicked caffeine Remember Natalie The Boom Effect Promo: The […]

Episode 29 – Feedbacks

28 Mar

We decided to make this one a feedback episode since we haven’t addressed any in… um… well, I’d rather not say how long 🙂 As a special bonus, our son LT pipes in here and there! This episode we mention: Geek Survival Guide Letter from Martha Stewart Daddy Digest Nobilis Erotica A Song of Ice […]

Episode 25 – The Holidays

29 Dec

Yay new cast! Oh wait, that’s not my job 🙂 We are happy to bring you this December cast about our Holidays and what all we’ve been up to since last time. Correction: In the episode Chooch gives his GMail account as the name to add as a PS3 buddy. Actually, the name is “choochus2”. […]

Episode 9 – Resolved

16 Jan

This episode almost reaches our time goal — not bad since its about New Years resolutions and goals! We discuss; Chooch’s New Schedule Chooch on business trip 2nd anniversary of Viv’s mother passing Chooch’s goals for 2008 Viv’s goals for 2008 I Should Be Writing Mike Stackpole’s The Secrets Geek Acres

Episode 7 – Holiday Traditions

27 Dec

We hope everybody had (is having?) a wonderful Holiday. This was recorded a few days before Christmas, so it includes a lot of speculation of the holiday. Now that its past, we had a wonderful day and everybody is very happy and contented. This episode includes: Our Holiday traditions A call from MAinPA A call […]