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Halloween 2007

31 Oct

We built this Gir costume (a character from the Invader Zim cartoon) over the past few days for our tween to wear on Halloween. We found some plans to make it by KRYPTONIGHTENGALE on the forums. It was a big hit in the neighborhood and T was very proud to wear it. Unfortunately its […]

Episode 1 – Adventures in Homecoming

29 Oct

I think we’re technically early this week. Makes up for being late last week :o) Topics this episode include: Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D Bionic Woman Chuck Journeyman Reaper Battlestar Galactica Lost The Office My Name is Earl ( Chooch went to High School with Jason Lee) Survivor Teen goes to the homecoming dance Enjoy!

Episode 0 – Quantum I Tell Ya!

25 Oct

I am proud to bring you the debut episode of Into The Blender! As a true tribute to the rigors and time constraints of a blended family (well ok, any family) this release is later than we wanted, but now we are on the map and ready to roll! This episode is a quick introduction […]

Almost there

15 Oct

The site has come together. The feed is active. The pre-production is mostly complete. Now we just need to get the time to actually record and we’ll be all set! This was a rough weekend with lots to do. Perhaps we can squeeze in some time one night this week to record. In my head […]

Its alive! A l i v e ! !!

12 Oct

First post!