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Episode 62 – Happy Anniversary

25 Oct

Happy Anniversary to us! Breast Cancer Anthology Update Stories by folks that have some how been affected by breast cancer. You donโ€™t have to have had it. Fiction or non-fiction and the only word limit is the maximum of 30k words since Iโ€™ll consider poetry, flash fiction, short stories and novellas Art work – photos, […]

Episode 15 – Plagueus Interuptus

22 Apr

The plague descended upon our household, but we’ve weathered the worst of it and are slowly pullings things back together. In this episode we discuss: Health update – plague outbreak and (continued) E.R. adventures Comments from; Chris Lester Tabs from Buffy Between the Lines Voicemail from Doug at Geek Acres T-shirts we love; Geeklabel Thinkgeek […]

Episode 13 – Starting the Blender again

10 Mar

Another episode that’s a little late, but this time we have an excuse! Well, we usually have an excuse, but we’ve got a real excuse ๐Ÿ™‚ This week we discuss: Continued work in the basement We’ve moved the studio Still losing weight ๐Ÿ™‚ The new Nine Inch Nail Album Tween gets a good school report […]

Episode 9 – Resolved

16 Jan

This episode almost reaches our time goal — not bad since its about New Years resolutions and goals! We discuss; Chooch’s New Schedule Chooch on business trip 2nd anniversary of Viv’s mother passing Chooch’s goals for 2008 Viv’s goals for 2008 I Should Be Writing Mike Stackpole’s The Secrets Geek Acres

Episode 7 – Holiday Traditions

27 Dec

We hope everybody had (is having?) a wonderful Holiday. This was recorded a few days before Christmas, so it includes a lot of speculation of the holiday. Now that its past, we had a wonderful day and everybody is very happy and contented. This episode includes: Our Holiday traditions A call from MAinPA A call […]

Episode 3 – Starting the blender

16 Nov

This week we discuss when is the best time to meet the kids while dating. We go in depth about our courtship and meeting the kids for the first time. It was a very tumultuous time that included two near death illnesses and a fast forward button on our relationship. No news this week since […]