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Episode 58 – First Times

16 Apr

This episode is a continuation from Ep 57 In this episode we discuss: Ladies’ Craft Day, Uterus Holding and Planning World peace Manly Day of Brewing and Boy Talk and Games for the Monkeys (Heroscape) Ethiopian Cuisine Adventures Ditched By Kate performed their inaugural show with the new name at IOTA Promo: Nutty Bites

Episode 57 – Friends, Family and Feedback

26 Mar

Our News Jett Micheyl’s birthday spawns the Double Rainbow Cake. More changes afoot, Naughty Bear returns to Virginia and Viv traveled to Arkansas to help him move back and got some time with LT. Viv has praise for the White Noise application by TMSOFT on our Droid X’s for extending drive time on road trips. […]

Episode 47 – BlenderCon 2010

28 Aug

Summery comes to a close, well at least as far as school and such are concerned. Con Season is also winding down and we continue the third year of our “BlenderCon” tradition. Things we mention include: Unlikely Disasters to Plan For PG Holyfield Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Brutal Legend Kids in Mind movie reviews […]

Episode 28 – Birthdays, Stank, and Food Food Food

28 Feb

Lots of catching up to do. With this one we start back at the Presidential innauguration and get to a couple weeks ago. In this episode we discuss: Puppy sneak peak Obama Inauguration LTs Birthday party(s err… ies… parties) Paulette Jaxton Jett Tee Morris Brand Gamblin & Allie Scott and Mae Breakall Heather Welliver and […]

Episode 21 – The Hammer Is My …

29 Jul

This time we talk about: 4th of July Party Mae’s Birthday Work work work CoH Gaming RD and Baby J M home LT home next week! Wine tasting and tour Sonic The Dark Knight Ranking super hero movies Hanging with Marc Bailey and Heather Welliver Dr. Horrible The Office and The Office Coupling and Coupling […]

Episode 19 – Viv are a College Graduate

29 Jun

Viv is baking cheesecakes like a mad woman and we’re running around the house prepping stuff for a family party.. Yep, just another day in the blender 🙂 This episode we discuss: Viv receives first college degree!! M’s bday Crazy storms Cheesecake domination Viv got a tattoo! M school performance LT graduated from elementary school […]

DFH Meet-up

1 Apr

There is a loose knit community of creative people on Twitter that we refer to as “The Tribe”. Others have written some pretty complete observations on this phenomenon which I’ll try to point to, and I’m sure I’ll set down my feelings on it some time in the near future. The Tribe is made up […]

Episode 004 – Revving up for the holidays

3 Dec

This week we talk about starting to prepare for the Holidays. The difficulties of coordinating presents with extended, and out of state family (and ex-spouses). Notes: A meltdown of sorts last week National Pie Day (well, perhaps premature, but hey – PIE! nom..nom..nom) Some good family news Martian Child Accelerated Holiday planning Promo for a […]