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Episode 50 – Happy Podcastiversary

24 Oct

Monday is the third anniversary of our podcast! So, this episode we’ll call a “State of the Blender Address” J- Just turned 11. Doing great in school and still taking guitar lessons LT – 13, enjoying chorus, has lots of new friends, and is doing well Naughty Bear – settled into new place and happy […]

Snowpocalypse Part Deux

7 Mar

Another ranging discussion about life, the universe, and everything In this episode we discuss: Viv’s geek chasm Record snow fall Snow burglars break into the house? Kaylee turned 1 New Years board gaming Chooch gets a (virtual) bunny CoH Podcast ends T turned 13 Kid birthdays suck when they don’t live with you M and […]

Episode 41 – Snowpocalypse One

15 Feb

This episode is a continuation of Episode 40. We had gone on for well over an hour and had decided to split it up. In this episode we discuss: Christmas and LT’s visit update Crusty gamer time with cousins Christmas Day with family J’s excitement over Wii M’s tricky prezzie wrapping M and his girlfriend […]

Episode 40 – Resolved

30 Jan

Catching up as we always seem to be.. We bring you our New Years resolutions and talk about other stuff going on with us. In this episode we discuss: A forgotten thought on NaNoWriMo Thanks to Dee and Nobilis Voicemail from Ryan at Daddy Digest Chooch kicked caffeine Remember Natalie The Boom Effect Promo: The […]

Episode 39 – Holiday Greetings from the Burrow

31 Dec

Checking in for the Holidays from our Burrow (or, bunker??) and discuss our upcoming (now past) Christmas plans plus looking forward to the New Year. We give a brief update on Viv’s health issues, and talk about the coming Zombie apocalypse. Promo: P.C. Haring’s Cybrosis

Episode 15 – Plagueus Interuptus

22 Apr

The plague descended upon our household, but we’ve weathered the worst of it and are slowly pullings things back together. In this episode we discuss: Health update – plague outbreak and (continued) E.R. adventures Comments from; Chris Lester Tabs from Buffy Between the Lines Voicemail from Doug at Geek Acres T-shirts we love; Geeklabel Thinkgeek […]

Episode 14 – Catching Up

8 Apr

After an unexpected hiatus, we’re back and getting caught up. No main topic this week, just what we’ve been up to… Oh, and something new for us – a song! This episode we discuss: The teens relationship of doctors and emergency rooms Much (more) home improvement (some a surprise to us) Metamor City DFH Meetup […]

Episode 13 – Starting the Blender again

10 Mar

Another episode that’s a little late, but this time we have an excuse! Well, we usually have an excuse, but we’ve got a real excuse 🙂 This week we discuss: Continued work in the basement We’ve moved the studio Still losing weight 🙂 The new Nine Inch Nail Album Tween gets a good school report […]

Episode 12 – The C Word

21 Feb

This week we discuss Chooch’s brother’s terminal cancer and his decisions regarding treatment. We also talk about his nephew who is heading into the National dirtbike/mx competitions and touring the country. Topics include: Exercise checkups Marathon training National Race for the Cure Cool Running Couch to 5k Podcast Chooch was sick last week M took […]

Episode 10 – Health Stuffs

28 Jan

This week we focus on diet, exercise and our own challenges with each. Family health history Health screenings Diets Selenium Viactive Green tea extract Promo: Mur / JC Hutchins / Podiobooks.com