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Episode 51 – Media Review with P.G. Holyfield, Pt 1

15 Nov

We happily lured beloved friend P.G. Holyfield into the burrow for a media review (He’s also the brilliant author of Murder at Avedon Hill), and ended up talking for over four hours. We are breaking it into tasty pieces for your enjoyment and will alternate them with regular episodes in future weeks. In this episode […]

P.G. Holyfield

9 May

We are happy to bring you an interview with the talented P.G. Holyfield. P.G. has a book launching soon and we had a chance to talk about it with him along with his writing process, gaming, and lots of other odds & ends. We love talking to P.G. so much that this went a bit […]

Episode 37 – Feedbacks and Boobies

25 Oct

In this episode we play some voicemails and read some e-mails which are mostly long overdue. We also discuss: Chooch’s dad’s 80th birthday Checkup on his brother’s family Breast cancer awareness month Charities research New stuff we’ve started listening to Promo: Purgatory, by Tim Dodge

Episode 36 – Podiobooks and Empty Nests

17 Sep

This is a belated pre-DragonCon cast. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get it edited before returning from D*C, but thought that the anticipation would make for a fun contrast to an upcoming D*C review show 🙂 In this episode we discuss: Our empty nest Announcing the Predestination cover print contest winner Anticipating DragonCon Catching up […]

Episode 35 – Social Butterflies

26 Jul

We’ve been little social butterflies over the last few weeks. We’ve driven through many states to eat many forms of cake (birthday, cheese, and cup) and had a generally wonderful time catching up with friends and family! In this episode we discuss: COHPodcast is a Parsec Awards finalist (again!) After much debate and money shuffling, […]

Episode 29 – Feedbacks

28 Mar

We decided to make this one a feedback episode since we haven’t addressed any in… um… well, I’d rather not say how long 🙂 As a special bonus, our son LT pipes in here and there! This episode we mention: Geek Survival Guide Letter from Martha Stewart Daddy Digest Nobilis Erotica A Song of Ice […]

Episode 28 – Birthdays, Stank, and Food Food Food

28 Feb

Lots of catching up to do. With this one we start back at the Presidential innauguration and get to a couple weeks ago. In this episode we discuss: Puppy sneak peak Obama Inauguration LTs Birthday party(s err… ies… parties) Paulette Jaxton Jett Tee Morris Brand Gamblin & Allie Scott and Mae Breakall Heather Welliver and […]

Episode 8 – Challenges with Holiday schedules

10 Jan

This week we discuss our Christmas and New Years and the challenges in scheduling so many different family elements. We talk about the new recording gear that Santa brought. Then we jump into an impromptu media review of a few podiobook titles. Links: 7th Son Nocturnal Earthcore Ancestor The Rookie Playing For Keeps Space Casey […]