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Episode 55 – Holiday Survival? Just Barely.

27 Jan

In this episode, we discuss: The holidays – fun with Viv’s kids and family. Viv relates the boys’ review of Tron. Chooch gives a brief review of Tron: Legacy. Co-parenting travel drama. P.G. Holyfield visits. Viv reveals the identity of the Tipsy Knitter. New Years’ Eve pajama jammie jam with Thomas and Andrea‘s family. Chooch’s […]

Special Ep3 – Harry Potter 7 Pt1

19 Nov

Viv, Chooch, and Mistress Jett bring you our SPOILER FILLED thoughts on seeing the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. This episode is a little different from most others — no editing! Yep, “live to tape” to get our thoughts down and out as quickly as we can. Well, I […]

Episode 31 – Birthdays, Blizzards and Buyin’ Cars

3 May

Still on our catch-up but we’re almost there! Silly time keeps marching on. In this episode we discuss: Kaylee chewing but a good girl Blizzard Viv starting her new job Slight kid grade droop Chooch sees the President Watchmen in IMAX Brief visit with Paulette Jaxton Out to dinner for a friend’s bday party Chooch’s […]

Episode 30 – Still Catching Up

16 Apr

In this episode we discuss: Marc’s bday party at Hard Times Viv’s new job Heather’s baby shower Valentine’s Day Kaylee Sioux Valentine Coraline 3D and lots of other stuff Promo: Nina Kimberly the Merciless

Episode 17 – Race for the Cure

29 May

This is a past-due episode recorded before we left for Balticon. We never actually had time to edit and post it though with all of the Con prep! So it’s a little dated and we’ll be recorded a new one with a Con wrap-up this weekend. This time we talk about: A Kid free weekend […]

Episode 7 – Holiday Traditions

27 Dec

We hope everybody had (is having?) a wonderful Holiday. This was recorded a few days before Christmas, so it includes a lot of speculation of the holiday. Now that its past, we had a wonderful day and everybody is very happy and contented. This episode includes: Our Holiday traditions A call from MAinPA A call […]

Episode 5 – Game and Movie sites for parents

12 Dec

This week we talk about some game and movie resources for parents that give in-depth reviews and ratings of content. Much better than the minimal (and usually inaccurate) info that the MPAA, RIAA, and ESRB give. We didn’t discuss This Film Is Not Yet Rated in the episode, but we watched it recently, and highly […]

Episode 004 – Revving up for the holidays

3 Dec

This week we talk about starting to prepare for the Holidays. The difficulties of coordinating presents with extended, and out of state family (and ex-spouses). Notes: A meltdown of sorts last week National Pie Day (well, perhaps premature, but hey – PIE! nom..nom..nom) Some good family news Martian Child Accelerated Holiday planning Promo for a […]