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Episode 30 – Still Catching Up

16 Apr

In this episode we discuss: Marc’s bday party at Hard Times Viv’s new job Heather’s baby shower Valentine’s Day Kaylee Sioux Valentine Coraline 3D and lots of other stuff Promo: Nina Kimberly the Merciless

Episode 21 – The Hammer Is My …

29 Jul

This time we talk about: 4th of July Party Mae’s Birthday Work work work CoH Gaming RD and Baby J M home LT home next week! Wine tasting and tour Sonic The Dark Knight Ranking super hero movies Hanging with Marc Bailey and Heather Welliver Dr. Horrible The Office and The Office Coupling and Coupling […]

Episode 15 – Plagueus Interuptus

22 Apr

The plague descended upon our household, but we’ve weathered the worst of it and are slowly pullings things back together. In this episode we discuss: Health update – plague outbreak and (continued) E.R. adventures Comments from; Chris Lester Tabs from Buffy Between the Lines Voicemail from Doug at Geek Acres T-shirts we love; Geeklabel Thinkgeek […]


6 Apr

After the DFH meet-up last weekend, many of us wandered over the Paul and Martha’s place to visit and record episodes of the A.D.D. Cast. Good conversations, good beer, and great fun was had by all! The studio was only able to accommodate 5 people at a time, so we broke into shifts with those […]