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Episode 64 – 2011 Wrap Up, Part 1

16 Jan

This episode is part 1 of a car cast where we cover our highlights of 2011. Apologies for the audio quality as we’re testing a new set of microphones and the road noise was louder than we anticipated. It gets particularly loud around the 30 minute mark, but that only lasts for six or seven […]

Episode 59 – Cheap Beach Second Honeymoon

29 Apr

*Recorded March 7, 2011* News from Virginia Beach Visit with M.A. in PA and Paulette Jaxton; chatting and knitting. Super cheap beach vacation was expiring so we mad a mad dash towards the ocean. Ditched By Kate News Ditched By Kate website is up Live shows that are broadcast live over the web will be […]

Special Episode 2 – NaNo for Noobs

17 Oct

Simulcast in Podereo on the Balticon Podcast feed, we are proud to bring you the recording of the “NaNoWriMo for Noobs” panel recording. Now is the perfect time to get your outlines down and prepare to write that novel you’ve always wanted to in November! From the Balticon program guide: How it was won or […]

Episode 47 – BlenderCon 2010

28 Aug

Summery comes to a close, well at least as far as school and such are concerned. Con Season is also winding down and we continue the third year of our “BlenderCon” tradition. Things we mention include: Unlikely Disasters to Plan For PG Holyfield Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Brutal Legend Kids in Mind movie reviews […]

Episode 46 – California Dreamin

8 Aug

Heeeeeeeellllo Internets! Feels good to be back in The Burrow to bring another episode of ITB. In this episode we discuss: Chooch is a lumberjack and he’s ok Should we have an unliving trust? Balticon 44 Viv’s Lengthy Balticon Blog Posts Thurs/Fri, Sat, Sun/Mon with photo slideshows DragonCon is coming LT was home for summer […]

Episode 45 – Live at Balticon

20 Jun

We were happy to have another opportunity to do a live show at Balticon. This year we are joined by three luminaries of podcasting who came together to discuss 3D usage in movies, upcoming reboots, and their favorite films of all time. Our guest are: P.G. Holyfield – author of Murder at Avedon Hill Christiana […]

P.G. Holyfield

9 May

We are happy to bring you an interview with the talented P.G. Holyfield. P.G. has a book launching soon and we had a chance to talk about it with him along with his writing process, gaming, and lots of other odds & ends. We love talking to P.G. so much that this went a bit […]

Sci-Fi Fantasy Prom Promo 1

3 Apr

Event: Sci-Fi / Fantasy Prom Location: Balticon 44 at the Hunt Valley Marriot, Derby Room When: Saturday, May 29 starting at 11:00pm (2300 hrs) Duration: Scheduled for 3:00 hours Prom the way *we* want it This is the prom where geeks rule, and freak flags fly. The only prom around with costumes and prizes so […]

Snowpocalypse Part Deux

7 Mar

Another ranging discussion about life, the universe, and everything In this episode we discuss: Viv’s geek chasm Record snow fall Snow burglars break into the house? Kaylee turned 1 New Years board gaming Chooch gets a (virtual) bunny CoH Podcast ends T turned 13 Kid birthdays suck when they don’t live with you M and […]

Quick Note

7 Jun

I wanted to make everyone aware of additional recordings of Balticon panels that Viv and I participated on. I didn’t feel right about dropping these directly into either of our podcast feeds since they contain no gaming, parenting, or blending content 🙂 They are focused on podcasting/recording/audio techie stuff. You can check them out over […]