Archive | October, 2010

Episode 50 – Happy Podcastiversary

24 Oct

Monday is the third anniversary of our podcast! So, this episode we’ll call a “State of the Blender Address” J- Just turned 11. Doing great in school and still taking guitar lessons LT – 13, enjoying chorus, has lots of new friends, and is doing well Naughty Bear – settled into new place and happy […]

Special Episode 2 – NaNo for Noobs

17 Oct

Simulcast in Podereo on the Balticon Podcast feed, we are proud to bring you the recording of the “NaNoWriMo for Noobs” panel recording. Now is the perfect time to get your outlines down and prepare to write that novel you’ve always wanted to in November! From the Balticon program guide: How it was won or […]