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Episode 43 – Long Distance Parenting

4 Apr

Welcome to April. Spring has sprung and the pollen monsters are attacking our sinuses, but hey- there’s no more snow! This time we talk about: Somehow we discuss Wendy Williams Slim Jim addiction Our friend Nobilis raises the question about disciplining a child when they’ve had a bad day Kids getting MMO accounts hacked Long […]

Snowpocalypse Part Deux

7 Mar

Another ranging discussion about life, the universe, and everything In this episode we discuss: Viv’s geek chasm Record snow fall Snow burglars break into the house? Kaylee turned 1 New Years board gaming Chooch gets a (virtual) bunny CoH Podcast ends T turned 13 Kid birthdays suck when they don’t live with you M and […]

Episode 41 – Snowpocalypse One

15 Feb

This episode is a continuation of Episode 40. We had gone on for well over an hour and had decided to split it up. In this episode we discuss: Christmas and LT’s visit update Crusty gamer time with cousins Christmas Day with family J’s excitement over Wii M’s tricky prezzie wrapping M and his girlfriend […]

Episode 39 – Holiday Greetings from the Burrow

31 Dec

Checking in for the Holidays from our Burrow (or, bunker??) and discuss our upcoming (now past) Christmas plans plus looking forward to the New Year. We give a brief update on Viv’s health issues, and talk about the coming Zombie apocalypse. Promo: P.C. Haring’s Cybrosis

Episode 36 – Podiobooks and Empty Nests

17 Sep

This is a belated pre-DragonCon cast. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get it edited before returning from D*C, but thought that the anticipation would make for a fun contrast to an upcoming D*C review show 🙂 In this episode we discuss: Our empty nest Announcing the Predestination cover print contest winner Anticipating DragonCon Catching up […]

Episode 33 – Live from Balticon

30 May

We are proud to bring you our first live show! This was recorded over Memorial day weekend at Balticon 43. A special thanks to everybody who came out and participated. You truly made this a special event for us!

Episode 31 – Birthdays, Blizzards and Buyin’ Cars

3 May

Still on our catch-up but we’re almost there! Silly time keeps marching on. In this episode we discuss: Kaylee chewing but a good girl Blizzard Viv starting her new job Slight kid grade droop Chooch sees the President Watchmen in IMAX Brief visit with Paulette Jaxton Out to dinner for a friend’s bday party Chooch’s […]

Episode 21 – The Hammer Is My …

29 Jul

This time we talk about: 4th of July Party Mae’s Birthday Work work work CoH Gaming RD and Baby J M home LT home next week! Wine tasting and tour Sonic The Dark Knight Ranking super hero movies Hanging with Marc Bailey and Heather Welliver Dr. Horrible The Office and The Office Coupling and Coupling […]

Episode 20 – New Baby!

16 Jul

I better clarify- no new babies for us, but our niece is a new mom! 🙂 In this episode we talk about: Another lunch at DFH (Happy Birthday Heather!) Can’t Stop the Serenity Event benefiting Equality Now Dinner and game night at Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway‘s Blockus Trigon We hit 50 in CoH for […]

Episode 5 – Game and Movie sites for parents

12 Dec

This week we talk about some game and movie resources for parents that give in-depth reviews and ratings of content. Much better than the minimal (and usually inaccurate) info that the MPAA, RIAA, and ESRB give. We didn’t discuss This Film Is Not Yet Rated in the episode, but we watched it recently, and highly […]