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Episode 65 – 2011 Wrap Up, Part 2

25 Feb

This episode is part 2 of a car cast where we cover our highlights of 2011. Apologies again for the audio quality as we’re testing a new set of microphones and the road noise was louder than we anticipated. Listening through we’ve come up with some ways to greatly improve the audio from the car. […]

Episode 58 – First Times

16 Apr

This episode is a continuation from Ep 57 In this episode we discuss: Ladies’ Craft Day, Uterus Holding and Planning World peace Manly Day of Brewing and Boy Talk and Games for the Monkeys (Heroscape) Ethiopian Cuisine Adventures Ditched By Kate performed their inaugural show with the new name at IOTA Promo: Nutty Bites

DFH Meet-up

1 Apr

There is a loose knit community of creative people on Twitter that we refer to as “The Tribe”. Others have written some pretty complete observations on this phenomenon which I’ll try to point to, and I’m sure I’ll set down my feelings on it some time in the near future. The Tribe is made up […]